Corporate Advice

As a Former General Counsel, Andy Crain has experience in just about every area of commercial law. He brings this experience to assist Companies with issues as they arise.

Regulatory Representation

The attorneys at Crain Law represent companies before state regulatory commissions, the FCC, and other state and federal regulatory bodies.

Contract Negotiation

The attorneys at Crain Law represent companies in negotiation of all types of agreements, including contracts to license technology, partner to provide services, and sell or procure services.

Experts in Communications Law

The attorneys at Crain Law have decades of experience dealing with all communications law issues.

Andy Crain is the former General Counsel of Frontier Communications, a Fortune 500 telecommunications company, and he led the regulatory lawyers and commercial lawyers at Qwest Communications. He has led massive regulatory projects at the FCC and before more than 15 state utility commissions.

When the project calls for it, Andy partners with former colleagues who have worked on communications law issues for decades, including international projects, cyber security issues, and cable law.

Energy Law

Andy represents utility companies before state utility companies before state utility commissions. The issues those commissions currently are struggling with are the same as the ones that Andy handled during the transition of the telecommunications industry from monopolies to competitive markets with numerous distributed providers. Andy passionately believes that the incumbent providers must be allowed to provide all new and evolving services and compete on a fair basis with new providers, and he has successfully represented companies in applications to provide new services and in proceedings to amend regulations to treat all providers equally.